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We are the best loft insulation installers in the UK, we install insulation materials in homes to improve energy efficiency at a meagre cost.

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With the latest materials and methods, we provide comprehensive insulation solutions with an emphasis on maximising energy efficiency in homes. Installations of insulation by our skilled team of loft insulation specialists are economical and energy-efficient.

We fix air leaks and insulate your home with high-quality materials to save energy costs and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Our skilled loft insulation fitters are highly qualified experts that install insulation using cutting-edge methods.

We are experts in attic and loft insulation, and we can advise you on the optimum insulation method and material for your house. To reduce unwanted noise, we also install soundproof insulation.

Our aim is to ensure that your home satisfies the highest requirements for comfort and energy efficiency. For your peace of mind, we gladly provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to each and every one of our clients. This way, you can be confident that your insulation installation will be done expertly and correctly.

Contact us right away to receive the energy-efficient and affordable insulation solutions you require if you’re searching “loft insulation company near me” for a trustworthy and expert loft insulation contractor in the UK.

Aside from basic coils of lagging or simply loose-fill insulation, spray foam or blown-foam insulation is another popular, effective and best option for loft insulation installation in the UK, in which a coating of foam is sprayed from specific equipment over the space to be insulated. 

Precisely, this requires an expert to install, although it is useful for regions with restricted access and is simple to perform. Prices are comparable to other kinds of loft insulation but could be significantly more due to the particular material required.

We can connect you with experienced loft insulation contractors in your region so you can get accurate quotations right away.

However, employing a professional insulation expert is the best method to ensure a decent job and take care of any complications that may develop with time.

What is the cost of Loft Insulation?

Insulating the loft or attic is an excellent strategy to help your residence become more energy efficient, retaining heat and cutting your heating bills. 

Insulation costs are frequently recouped in savings within a few decades, so it is important to consider any property that does not have it. 

Before you commence your job, we have added this information to assist you to understand the average “cost of loft insulation” and the leading “loft insulation installer near me” in your region in the UK.

Loft insulation should be at least 270mm thick, which can be accomplished with a wide range of materials.

Loft insulation can be constructed of fibreglass, mineral wool, sheep’s wool, foam, cellulose, and other materials, and it is usually available in the form of a roll that is simply placed out between and over the joists.

These rolls can be purchased for less than £20 for an 8-metre-squared roll. Based on the size of the property and its loft, you may insulate it for less than £100.

After deducting the cost of materials and labour, the average cost of insulating a loft using simple blanket insulation is somewhere between £300 and £400, depending on the dimensions of the loft.

Loose-fill insulation, which employs a substance like cork or other substances comparable to those used in blanket insulation and may be distributed between joists, is another way for insulating a loft.

Prices for this are typically comparable to blanket insulation.

Best Loft Insulation Insulating Material

Taking into account the supplies and labour necessary often less than a day’s work, the average cost for insulating a loft with simple blanket insulation seems to be between £300 and £400.

In addition to basic rolls of lagging or loose-fill insulation, spray foam or blown-foam insulation is a common option for loft insulation, in which a coating of foam is sprayed from specific equipment over the space to be insulated. 

This requires the compliance and assistance of an expert to install, although it is useful in areas with limited access. 

Here are a handful of loft insulation problems that can raise the overall cost of a job, although they really should not be a significant additional expense.

For instance, because loft insulation holds heat below, the resulting warmth in the loft itself would be reduced, which can pose several problems when outdoor temperatures are extremely less, particularly when temperatures fall below freezing? 

As a result, any pipelines in the loft will need to be insulated too, which requires a little extra labour and expenses.

Another instance is if you want to utilise your loft for a storeroom, in which scenario you will need to install boards above the joists. 

These joists cannot rest over the insulating material since compressing it loses the insulation’s entire efficacy, so you will need boards with an insulation layer built in.

These are costlier than blanket insulation, but depending on how much room you want to board up, you may not require as much.

If you have an electrical cable running across your joists, it may need to be re-routed based on the materials used; if an electrician is required, this can significantly increase the cost of the project, with electricians normally costing around £40 per hour.

Likewise, if you have damp concerns, leaks, or holes in the roof that could allow water in and damage the insulation, these problems must be resolved before insulation get viable. The cost of these might vary greatly depending on the work that must be done.

How much time is required to install Loft Insulation?

The amount of time required to insulate any loft space is affected by several parameters, such as the size and type of insulation used. Blanket and quilt insulations, for example, need considerably less time to implement than board insulations. 

Despite the fact that the labour expenses are exactly the same, applying sheet insulation typically takes twice as long. Most insulation installations are completed in under a day.

This, however, does not take into account any additional fees that may be incurred. Among them, spray foam insulation demand less time and expenditure.

How we can help you? With our support, you can locate Certified & Qualified Insulation professionals in the region. We maintain that UK homeowners ought to be able to recognize trustworthy local insulation installers in their region. 

Avoid spending enormous energy bills just to keep your home warm. We want to make insulation cheaper for every residents of the UK. 

Having experienced installers is advantageous for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they will clear any scrap material for you.  Next, they will prepare the space and ensure that the insulation is up to industry standards. Finally, by professional installers we simply mean who can understand what to search for, what tools to employ, and how to safeguard their own selves.

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